Jason Sawtelle

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Creative Director


My twenty years of hands-on experience allows me to build trust with designers, developers, editors, writers, and animators—because they can check my work. When there is trust amongst creatives we will explore, play, create, and deliver great work.


Modeling and reinforcing good habits is the foundation for a healthy culture. I love asynchronus workflows where everyone works at their best pace while communicating cross-functionally to remove blockers.


Strategy, media, partnerships, press, talent, publishing, distribution, community management, CRM, and creative. That’s a lot of meetings and PowerPoint decks. I read them all. I also ask pointed questions that cut through to the essence of the campaign.



Fxtrs is the fastest way to get the next fixture date for your favorite football club. I wanted a quick way to get the latest fixture and table info for Liverpool FC. Google has this info, of course, but they add extra stuff that I don't need to see (or want to navigate within) when looking for the next fixture.

Film Noir Watch

Film Noir Watch is the easiest way to find out when the next Film Noir is playing on cable or if it is available to stream.


Sytolony is an portmanteau of Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York. It displays a set clocks from each of these markets. The color of the clock indicates if the market is open for trading. It also includes settings to control how you want to display the time and date.